Update: You can now buy Bitcoins-crypto (BTC, for example) anonymously inside Edge Wallet App. They have a Swiss partner (Bity) accepting SEPA bank transfer payments, including all European countries (last time I checked, it includes the UK). You don’t need to provide any KYC information and can buy up to 5,000 EUR a day with a meagre fee. It’s trustworthy, secure and fast to use. To use it, please find “EDGE Wallet” in the AppStore or download it directly from – edge.app

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously without providing your ID – Do you need to buy Bitcoin anonymously? Don’t want to provide your photo ID while buying it? In this tutorial, we will try to cover all these topics while answering all questions you may have. This guide is updated for 2022 and 2023.

How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously – NO ID

In this guide, we will try to cover some of the easiest methods to buy bitcoin anonymously with cash, such as Paxful or Bitcoin ATMs around your area. We will also cover some methods that are not entirely anonymous but are still good enough because they ask for minimal identification.

Please remember that if you want to be 100% bulletproof, you will still need software like Tor.

Buying Bitcoins Anonymously in 3 ways

  1. The best and one of the easiest ways to buy BTC anonymous is through Paxful. On this site, you can buy bitcoins in cash and person. You can use Paxful to find somebody selling bitcoins for money in your area.
  2. Another way is through Bitcoin ATMs around your city. Please visit this site to find ATMs near your physical location. Please keep in mind that, while Bitcoins ATMs in most cases do not require ID, they are limited in how much you can buy.
  3. The last way to buy bitcoins anonymously is through Prepaid Credit Card you can acquire at any supermarket or convenience store. With this card, you can buy bitcoins without ID on sites like LocalBitcoins and Paxful.

How to buy Bitcoins without Verification – ID

This section will cover websites where you can buy bitcoins without providing your ID. However, some of those sites do not accept cash or in person.

  1. On BitQuick, you can buy cypto via cash deposit. It works in a way that a seller and buyer agree to the amount the buyer wants; the seller then deposits Bitcoins into BitQuick Escrow; once the buyer deposits the cash into the seller account, bitcoin is released. While you don’t need an ID for this method, you will still need a Mobile Phone number for verification purposes.
  2. Some other sites where you can buy bitcoins directly with other users are HodlHodl and Bisq.

How to use Bitcoins to Buy and Sell goods on the darknet / dark web anonymously

Since most of our clients use bitcoin to buy goods in our Shop, we will also show you how you can send and receive those previously purchased bitcoins. To send or receive bitcoins, you need a Bitcoin Wallet. In a nutshell, the Bitcoin wallet is software where your bitcoins are stored. The most accessible hosted bitcoin wallet is Blockchain. If you want to be 100% bulletproof, you can use self-hosted wallets that reside on your PC, like Electrum.

This tutorial brought you some of the tools and services needed to buy and use bitcoins anonymously.